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Hodoman Timer :: Internet Cafe Software :: Cyber Cafe Software

The server application of Hodoman Timer 6.0 is available in different distributions for any operating system, including all versions of Windows and Linux.

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Customer feedback

I was mostly impressed by your support team with fast and accurate answers. Thank you for having helped me to set this up.
Eric, France, 8 computers

A special software with truly unique features and strong security measures. Easy to use and very user-friendly.
Marius, Romania, 30 computers
Cerinte hardware  

Hodoman Timer? 6.0 nu necesita multe resurse hardware:

     Resurse locale necesare:

Programul-client va inlocui shell-ul standard al Windows-ului, eliberand astfel resursele consumate de acesta.
Memoria consumata de programul-client va sta undeva intre 7 - 15 Mb. Utilizarea procesorului va fi de asemenea foarte joasa, intrucat acest program va fi in mare parte in standby.

Programul-server este de asemenea foarte econom in ceea ce priveste resursele consumate. Acesta va ocupa ceva mai mult din timpul procesorului (putin, pe ansamblu) si memoria ocupata se va situa intre 7 - 20 Mb.

     Utilizarea retelei:

Valoarea medie a datelor transmise pe retea intre o statie si server este de 1,5 Mb / ora. Aceasta valoare este foarte mica daca luam in calcul performantele curente ale retelelor locale. - Download Windows Software
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