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Hodoman Timer :: Internet Cafe Software :: Cyber Cafe Software

Hodoman Timer 6.0 has just been released! This is a client/server, web-based management software for Internet Cafes / Cyber Cafes. It provides powerfull and very customizable features which will allow you to offer your customers a better experience and make them come back in your Internet Cafe / Cyber Cafe.

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Customer feedback

I was mostly impressed by your support team with fast and accurate answers. Thank you for having helped me to set this up.
Eric, France, 8 computers

Great product, great technical support. 100% satisfied !!!
Robert, USA, 12 computers
Server Application  
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Hodoman Timer :: Internet Cafe Software
Server Application

The server application is a cross-platform solution which will run in background on the computer you install it on.

It can be controlled through a web interface (you will access the server application with a web browser, just like browsing a webpage). This is where you set up application categories, pricing plans, membership types, cards, packets, employees? accounts. This is where you will find all kind of reports and statistics regarding over-time activity.

Your employees will use this web interface to control computer stations (starting and stopping them), to sell membership accounts, cards, bar products and services like printing or scanning and to change shifts.

Once installed, you and your employees can access the server application with the preferred web browser from any computer connected to the local network or even from outside the local network, through Internet. If the computer you install the server application on has an Internet connection, you may configure it to be accessible from all over the world.
The server application has two different sections: the administrator control panel and the employee control panel.

Administrator control panel

You can make new settings in real-time, you can study the reports and the graphical statistics. All the information you need may be accessed through Internet, just like being in your Internet Cafe / Cyber Cafe and you don't have to worry about security issues as long as you keep your password confidential and take care to change it as often as possible.

Employee control panel

This section includes all the functions for controlling the computer stations (starting and stopping, managing cashings and shifts, selling new membership accounts or cards and many more). This is where the every-day activity takes place after the configuration.


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